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Question:Here's the problem:The depth of the ocean is sometimes measured in fathoms (1 fathom = 6 feet). Distance on the surface of the ocean is sometimes measured in nautical miles (1 nautical mile = 6076 feet). The water beneath a surface rectangle 1.90 nautical miles by 1.60 nautical miles has a depth of 29.5 fathoms. Find the volume of water (in cubic meters) beneath this rectangle.

First convert everything to feet.
1.9 nautical mi =
(1.9 naut. mi)(6076 ft / 1 naut. mi) =
11544.4 ft.

1.6 naut mi =
(1.6 naut. mi)(6076 ft / 1 naut. mi) =
9721.6 ft.

29.5 fathoms =
(29.5 fathoms)(6ft / 1 fathom) =
177 ft.

Volume(in cubic feet):
(11544.4 ft.)(9721.6 ft.)(177 ft.) = .

Finally, use
1 cu ft = 0.0283168466 cu meters,
to express the answer in cu. m.
= 562506143.720 m³
so convert your deminsions to feet. you get 11544.4X9721.4X177= a big number..multiply by 12 (inches) then divide by 39 (inches in a meter)=

Approximately 562506141.336244 m^3

Gusfromsouth is close.

Veteranschoice has made these errors:
1. To convert 19864716910 from CUBIC feet, you would need to multiply by 12*12*12 (1728), not by 12.
2. There are approximately 39.3700787401575 inches in a meter, not 39 exactly. To convert inches to meters, you multiply by 0.0254 meters per inch.
3. To convert to CUBIC meters, you multiply by 0.0254^3.
4. 1.6*6076 is 9721.6, not 9721.4.
Here is a drawing and solution to your problem that I have made for you on my flickr acct. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18955982@n0...

Good Luck to you
Conversion of feet to meters comes from a physics book that I own

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