A invnetion idea for a project in the 8th grade?

Question:can somebody give me and idea for a invention...i gotta have a idea by this tuesday and I nead a idea written on a piece of paper...so can I have some simple and easy to make invention ideas...thanks in advanced

It would be a lot more fun if you come up with the idea yourself.

Here are some ideas to help you think of something:

Run through your day... is there something that could be easier for you? waking up, showering, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, organizing your backpack / locker, keeping notes in class, carrying your cell phone / ipod, keeping your shoes tied, sport activity with friends, doing homework, putting away your clothes, doing other chores... How could you make these tasks easier?

Remember, simple inventions can be the best... Post-it notes, paperclips, the wheel...

Don't get too crazy, but think of some gadget that can make one of your everyday tasks a little easier.

Good luck!
Make a Rube goldberg.
Don't do it. Your teacher is trying to get rich off student's ideas...tell the principal.
an invention is something that doesn't exist yet I think

fake granite that has magic eye patterns in it

or composting toilets that heat to 135F, to kill the worst bacteria, so it can be used as compost
lemon battery
solar powered car
A pair of trousers that has a button that releases helium into them instantly making you weigh less and feel more confident .
Release some more and they could be used to rise above a crowd for better viewing at the theatre
Full capacity would allow you to 'walk on air' and get to work more quickley .

They could be made quite simply by using regular waterproof trousers with cycle clips around the ankles to keep the gas in , and a helium cylider sneakily concealed down one trouser leg .
Put a flashlight on...

Roller skates
A cane
A lawn mower
A back pack
A watch
A cell phone

never fails.

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