A jar contains 3 pennies, 8 nickels, 4 dimes, and 10 quarters. Two coins are selected at random.?

Question:Find probability that : a) both are pennies
b) 1nickel, 1 dime

P(both are pennies) = 3/25 * 2/24 = 1/100 = .01 or 1.0%

P(1 Nickel, 1 Dime) = 8/25 * 4/24 = 4/75 = .0533 or 5.33%

(These calculations assume no replacement).

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To get the probability that both are pennies you have to first take the total # of pennies and divide that by the total # of coins all together. So...3/25

Then you take the amount of pennies left (since you the first one you drew was a penny) and then the total number of all coins left (which is 24 since you drew one).2/24

There's answer a.

B. You take the total number of nickels and divide that by the total of all the coins..8/25

and then you take the total number of dimes and divide by the remaining coins.4/24

Ok, and I see that the math wiz (lol) before me gave you the whole answer!! lol sorry wasn't gonna do that! :)
It depends whether you replace the coin after drawing it out or not. If you replace it, you'll get a completely different number than if you don't.

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