How do you solve d = √((√12 - √3)^2 + (√27 - √8)^2)?

Question:I'm trying to use the distance formula for this problem. My textbook is in English, not my first language, I'm confused. Can someone please show me how to solve d = √((√12 - √3)^2 + (√27 - √8)^2)?

How do you get the square root signs?
The square root of something squared is that thing
The first part becomes the square root of 12 - square root of three.
As 12 = 4 x 3 the square root of 12 is the root of 4 x root of 3
= 2 root 3 and 2 root 3 - root 3 = root 3.

the second part

root 27 = root 9 x root 3 or 3 root 3

root 8 becomes root 4 x root 2 or 2 root 2

Sorry this is too difficult to answer writing root all the time. You should be able to see where I am going.

Sorry, I made a mistake with where the brackets are but the rest is correct.

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