A certain triangle has an area of 2ysquared + 15y + 7 divided by 2.?

Question:factor the trinomial numerator to find a base and height for the triangle.

area of traingle = half the length of the base times the height
A= 1/2bh
(2y^2 + 15y + 7)/2 = 1/2bh = A
(2y^2 + 14y + y + 7)/2 = 1/2bh
[2y(y + 7) + 1(y+7)]/2 =1/2bh
[(2y + 1)(y+7)]/2 =1/2bh
(2y +1)(y + 7) =bh
Here's a hint: (2y^2+15y+7)=(2y+1)(y+7)

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