5th grade decimal ordering help..?

Question:I am so confused about this because my teacher doesn't explain anything she just reads some things to us and expects us to know it.

So I need help on Ordering Decimals
Greatest to Least...


Remember place values

0.0 = tenths
0.00 = hundredths
0.000 = thousanths

As you go futher from zero, the "pieces" get smaller. So tenths are bigger than hundreths are bigger than thousanths and so on. Put your numbers into fraction form i.e. 25/100 and compare that way. Then you should be able to compare & see which is the greatest, least etc...
Greatest to least:

One trick is the longer it is is the smaller. Remember you are dealing with tenths in the first position to the right of the decimal. Hundredths are the next space over and thousandths are the next space over. Next to that would be ten-thousandths, hundred-thousandths.

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