I stipulation relieve finding a play!!!?

i have this project for my manners theatre class and we enjoy to go see a live show past during our break the problem is i cant find any plays in my nouns...please help
btw i live contained by bethlehem, pa

Answers:    http://www.paplayhouse.org/2008season.ht...
Usually in the local the media, once each week they own a listing of the upcoming events similar to movies in the theaters, dance, and in one and the same section they enumerate the local plays in town. See if you can borrow someone's tabloid from this week & look up the plays. It'll tell the location, time(s), prices, and sometimes transcription about what the play is roughly speaking.

You can also call the local colleges or giant schools, if any are contained by session, and ask the drama teachers, who can assist.

You can call the gay goings-on newspaper within your area & ask in the region of plays. They'd be likely to know of some contained by your area.

You can name a few high academy students whom you recall be in Drama class or have starring roles. They could help you.

Or, it's probably online!
You could call for other people within your class and see what they are doing. If it doesn't have to be a play, possibly you could find another kind of live implementation. If you parents will drive you, you might find a play in a larger city adjoining.

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