1.how much does each of them receive at the end of first year?(two or more methods)?

Question:ang,bakar and chandran are friends and they have just graduated from a local university.ang works in a company with a starting pay
of rm20000 per month.bakar is a sales executive whose income depends solely pn the commission he receive.he earns a comission of rm 1000 for the first month nd this comission increase by rm 100 for each subsequent month.on the other hand,chandran decides to go into business.he opens a cafe and makes a profit of rm 100 in the first month.for the first year,his profit in each subsequent month is 50% more than that of the previous month.in the second year,ang receives a 10% increment in his month pay.on the other hand,the comission receive by bakar is reduced by rm 50 for each subbequent month.in addition,the profit made by chandran is reduced by 10% for each subsequent monyh.

Ang end of year= 20000*12=240000.
Bakar end of year= 1000*12+(11!*100) =12000+(66*100) =18600
Chandran end of year = 100+150+(150+75)+(225+112.5)+(... +(354.25 +177.125) =for 6 months 1850.125+(531.5+265.75) +(797.25+398.625)+(1195.875+59... +(1793.8125+896.90625) +(2690.71875+1345.359375) +(4036.078125+2018.0390625) =89703528.07. wow

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