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Question:Why was the Egyptian civilization preserved through the ages? How was it preserved?

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They were a society that wanted to preserve their culture. They highly valued writing down their techniques, stories, and other things. The Library of Alexandria would be an example of their need to preserve their culture, as well as hieroglyphics on the walls and tombs of their deceased. For the bodies, their religion helped to give evidence to people of future generations because of mummification. The priests used techniques to do this, such as removing the organs that would decay in the body. Then they helped preserve and wrap the body to their best abilities. Many people who couldn't afford this sort of burial have been found mummified as well, just not to such an amazing extent. The hot air of Egypt basically sucks all the moisture out of the air, and body, not giving it a chance to really decay and rot the flesh. They also had pottery, gold, statues, and other items of significance played with the dead because of their religious beliefs. This has helped supply archaeologists with more information to work with when reconstructing the Egyptian civilization.
two of the main reasons are the extremely dry climate so that even wood did not rot away & their religous belief in the "afterlife" which caused the wealthy to have objects buried with them in the belief that they would be useful to the dead (including mummified body)
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