"Gattaca shos that individuality is more important then comformity".Discuss?

Question:can someone point out a few points that i can write about and give example coz i find i have trouble with that.thanx...soo oo much...mwaa

Had the protagonist (Vincent played by Ethan Hawke) CONFORMED to the authorities perception of who is most fit to make a successful pilot , it would be a loss because he later revealed many skills and positive points that are useful to a pilot and that outweigh the disadvantage of his genetical predisposition to sickness .
The protagonist used somewhat illegitamate means to achieve his goal , but the final outcome was good in that he became a great pilot .
According to the system , he would NOT have made a good pilot , and that judgement is based on his less than perfect physical condition . Of course that judgement proves to be wrong ultimately .
There is a strong message against CATEGORIZING or prejudicing people in this story .

The instance where Vincent challenges his physically superior brother to a swimming race EPITOMIZES that message , as Vincent not only manages to keep up with his strong brother , but driven by his passion and overcoming spirit , he surpasses even his brother and ends up saving him from drowning .

Inspite of the odds being in favour of his brother because of his perfect genetic make up , the outcome of that race revealed a new less predictable factor to be taken into account , the power of human WILL .
do your own brainstorming...i dont think that you're allowed to ask strangers do to your thinking for you.

This is for a homework assignment right?

just try to come up with something...dont underestimate yourself.

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