'Loyalty is more earth-shattering than Truth'?

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can anyone offer any tips for a foremost body of argument?
evidence or ideas would be appreciated : )

Answers:    That is touchy. In the casing of direct family, resembling kids or parents, I would for the most part articulate yes loyality is more important, because it have been my experience that the outside world will do everything to break your family apart. This practice is call divide and conquer. Concerning every other aspect of life, I would say-so truth comes first. I wouldn't lie to protect a corporation, but most ethnic group will, because they want that promotion. That is why you see lazy, unqualified, assholes contained by the highest positions, and they are once in a while reprimanded for their wrong doings. For the most part, I quality truth is essential, because without truth innocent society get hurt or blamed for something they didn't do. In essence mortal false because of your loyalty to another is the equivalent of conspiring against a wronged individual. This can have tremendously severe and traumatic long term effects on the individual surrounded by question. ;-)
Loyalty and truth are equally influential but who lives up to these expectations?

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