8th grade science fair help...?

Question:ok. i need help. i can't think of anything. i need 5 ideas for a science. they can't use humans, animals, or anyother thing that's living. and they have to be at an 8th grade level. anything is going to be useful. please help.

how about does the grease on a brown paper bag reveal the fat content of a particular food...
to do this, you would pick 5 different foods, it's best if they are dried foods, smash them into a brown paper bag, see if the grease mark on the paper bag is more or less compared to other foods also tested and see if that finding corrolates with the amount of fat that is actually in the item.
been there done that lol
do something with weather or flight
im not trying to be mean, but ur not gonna get any where in life if u dont do things yourself.
Here you go sweetie, I found a website that can give you a whole bunch of ideas! Hope this helps you ! Good luck with everything... : )
In the eighth grade, my son used the internet to track winter storms that came out of the gulf of alaska to see how they affected the weather where we lived. he downloaded a satellite image each day, printed it and numbered and tracked each storm.

It was simple and he won all sorts of awards and $$!. Very few people in his category.
Here are some good websites to look at. Lots of them are related to chemistry and dont involve living organisms. Check a few out. The last one listed is a really good one as it lists the difficulty of the project.



My daughter won first place in the school sectional science fair with the following experiment.

Which popcorn pops the most kernels?

She got four different brands of popping corn including the generic store brand. She made 8 equal weight bags (two of each brand). She refrigerated one of each and the others were at room temperature.. She heated the oil to the same temperature for each popping and counted the popped kernels after each try. You'd be surprised which brand came out on top.
I know from experience how hard choosing a science fair project can be. Your science fair project doesnt have to be at an 8th grade level though. It can be higher, which gives you a better chance to WIN! Here's a website that offers a million and more ideas for all grade levels. Hope this helps!


Once you get to the website, scroll down and you can click on "Science Fair Projects by Branches of Science" or "Hundreds of Science Fair Projects by Topic A-Z". Then, you can search through the many projects there. Have fun! I hope this helps!! Good luck!!
You could do something on Rocks and Minerals or find out how yeast performs its biochemical transformation of a bit of flour and water into crusty, delicious Bread!, or do both and call your project "Rock n' Roll".
You can recycle plastic bottles to make something.
you can get some plant in similar size and color and feed the plants soda. one with mt dew, coke, sprite, lemonade and water. study the plants record wat happens and tell y

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