8th grade math, please help with this question!?

Question:ok, this is getting me a little confused. if you can show me how you worked it out, that would be helpful! thanks!
Over the course of a month, you keep track of how many times the next day's weather forecast is accurate. The forecast is correct 22 times in a month of 30 days. Predict how many days over the course of a year the forecast will be correct.
AND find the experimental probability that the forecast is correct.

the track record: 22 out of 30.

if you watched it for 60 days... how many times would they be right. twice as many days... twice as many times right.
so 44/60

how about 90 days? ... 3 times as many days, so 3 times as many right... 66/90

how about 1 year... thats 365 days. ... 365 is not a multiple of 30. however isnt the ratio of right answers to days what we are looking for:

22/30 = 44/60 = 66/90 ... = 220/300

since there are 365 days:
22/30 = x/365 where x is number of correct forecasts.

Cross-multiply to solve for x.

P = times correct/attempts.
use calculator to find P. it should be between 0 and 1.

damn i hate math!
Divide 365 by Thirty. This give you the number of thirty day chunks in a year. IF you get 22 right for every 30 day chunk then multiply the number of chunks by 22. It's like 260 something
ya you're right..

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