A question 4 my sis?

Question:well, my sister wanted to know how she could keep herself focused and interested in her world history book.oh and how she could keep what she reads in her head.any tips?

A lot of world history books are very dry and hard to get enthused about, which is a pity given that they really ought to be interesting.

I have three tips for staying interested when studying history:

1) Remember that everyone in a history book was at one point a real living human being, who grew up and learned and fell in love just like any other human being, including us. The history book might not include all the interesting stuff, but that doesn't stop you from guessing!

2) Read books and watch movies set in the time period you're studying. Studying Roman history? Watch "Gladiator" or "Rome". French history? "Queen Margot". World War II? "Schindler's List" or "Saving Private Ryan". This brings history to life and gives you a reason to study -- to find out if the film makers and authors were making things up or not. :)

3) Finally, remember that those who don't understand history are destined to repeat it. If you see ways that the history you're studying is being repeated in the world today, I guarantee it'll be more interesting.

Good luck!
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Self- discipline? :))
take notes make a song out of it stay fouced don't put on the radio don't listen to music or tv nobody
my best memorization tool is to write it down in my own words. like read a bit and think about it and make a little note in my notebook if it has any important info in it. try to guess what's going to be on the test. try to find something in the text that can help, like if her birthday is on or near a special date, relate that bit to her birthday, you know? stuff like that. . . it works for me and works for my dad, and he's a BIG history buff!!
Since i like music I make stuff I'm studying into songs, and it stays in my head! And My best friend likes poetry to she makes poem like things out of what she's studying! And maybe she can find a little something interesting about what she's studying!

Hope I helped!
tell her to try to think of it as a story and that way she'll feel that these people are real and they have feelings and she'll be able to remember everything.

if that doesn't work have her write out the main points and try to find cause and effect, meaning have her try to see how one action/event causes the next event in the chain.

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