A rectangle has a perimeter of 50 in. the sides are x and 2x-5. How do I figure this?


the sum other 4 sides equals the perimeter, so


so the sides are


so 2 of the sides equal 15, and 2 of the sides equal10

and to check, 10*2+ 15*2= 20+30=50

i hope this helped

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Since the sum of the four sides equals the perimeter
2(x) + 2(2x-5) = 50..then solve for x
ok so you need to find the value of "X", right?

ok, so rec has four sides and 2 of them are given...

so 2(X) and 2(2X-5) that would give you four side. then use distribution pro and solve it.

2(2X-5) + 2(X) = 50

You can do the last step! =)

Hope that helped
50=10=60 (add ten because in the end you subtract 5 and 5)
60 divided by 6 = 10 (because there are 6 total x's)
10 times 2-5+15 (two sides are x times 2-5)
two sides are 15 (10 times 2-5 is 15)
and two sides are 10. (two sides are x and x is equal to 10)
x=10 (this is your final answer!)
l_______l x

Lets say x = 10, so we have:
2(10) - 5
l_______ l 10

2(10) - 5 = 15

10(2) + 15(2) = 50
If one side is x and the other is 2x-5, I'm going to assume you are working with a quadrangle here (a four-sided figure) that itis a parallellogram. So, in order to find the perimter, you have to add the length of each of the four sides together. That will be 2x and 2(2x-5)
Clear the bracket and you get 4x-10. Now write it as an equation 2x+4x-10 =50
Do you know how to proceed from there?
Clear the negative by adding 10 to both sides (whatever you do to one side you have to do to the other in order to maintain the integrity of the equation).
That gives you 6x=60
Divide by six and you have solved for x.
Now take that number and replace it in your original measurements - x and 2x-5, and you have the length of each of the sides of the parallellogram.
Does that make sense?

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