" Why is it ungrammatical?

Question:We can say "a woman" or use the pronoun "her" as a reference. How about " a her?

it's ungrammaticall simply because "a", "an", and "the" must be followed by nouns and like you just said, "her" is a pronoun
because "woman" is a noun, not a pronoun like "her"
No you can not say "a her" in English.

A is an indefinite article. Her is a personal pronoun.

You dont mix the two!

Would you say "The her"? or "A him"?

Think about it.



Look up and think about the meanings of those two words!

Using an Indefinite form with a personal form conveys less information and weakens the personal form.

Good grammar and syntax strengthens information!
It is ungrammatical because you are referring to one woman as opposed to all women.

For example "a person" describes one person while "a people" conflicts because you are referring to people in general not specifically to one person.

the word "a" is used basically to specifically refer to something.

Ex. (A guy was walking down the street (note a specific gender was being referred to))
you don't need an indefinite article before an object pronoun
Because "her" is not a noun - it's a posessive pronoun. It describes that a thing belongs to the woman in question.
"A her" is definitely wrong. It should be "a she", because "she is a woman"; "he is a man" (never "him is a man"). Just reverse your saying like I did, and you'd see why it is ungrammatical. Besides, "her" is an adjective while "she" is a noun/pronoun--2 different figures of speech.

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