A great novelist_______ once declared that it is the role of a writer to show , not to tell..?

Question:F.Scott Fitzgerald
Henry James
Jack London
Mark Twain

Nana -- isn't the idea here for you to learn about those novelists, do a little research, and find the answer on your own? A good place to start is by putting some of the main quote in a search engine and see what you get... go to yahoo.com and try searching on "the role of a writer to show, not to tell"
Henry James

Though not in those words exactly. But he was the first.

"An early example of giving this advice lies with Henry James. In the preface to the New York edition of Daisy Miller, he left a pencil-mark in the margins of his notes, reminding himself to 'Dramatize, dramatise!'
I agree with freeyourfancy--you need to do your own homework!

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