A world without conflict?

Question:i have a paper to write..... about a world with out conflict......so in the future what do you think the world would be like without conflict, problems, no wars or anything else

a world with no conflict would be a shambled ugly land where i hope i never live. when the world has no more conflict, there is nothing worth fighting for.
We'd be taking A LOT of naps.
Or lots of orgy. Maybe eat a lot.
I think we'd be sex addicted lazy fat people...but happy.
Sadly, I don't think with man's propensity for self destruction and the destruction of his fellow man, that we will ever see peace.
even the perfect society wouldnt be perfect, its kinda freaky. without conflict we'd be bored. we wouldnt evedn have our own opinions. the goverment would have to brainwash us for this to happen. there wouldnt be anything that would cause conflict, we would all be living the same life, otherwise we would have stuff to argue about. everything we do would be planned out. it just wouldnt be right.
We wouldn't be the same as we are today . We would be so bored everyday that it would drive us to the beak of instanity .

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