12th Grade Essay Question?

Question:I need to write a two page essay on these options and I don't know which one to write about:

1.If a new version of "Macbeth" were written today how would it differ from the original?

2. Discuss an issue in today's society or your own life that seems paradoxical. Compare the matter to a paradox in one of John Donne's poems.

3. Of the works of George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, and Ben Johnson, which one do you most relate to and why?

Macbeth sounds easiest. Talk about how language would drastically change, it would no longer sound like Shakespeare. Costumes would also change, suits and other modern clothing. Guns would be used instead of swords. Characters would change, the witches probably wouldn't be depicted as witches. They might be 3 homeless women around a barrel fire. There wouldn't be any kings, but presidents, or other men of power. It may take place on a global scale rather than one kingdom.

It's pretty much a BS paper so thats the one I'd pick. If you really want to impress you could say something about how morals have changed, but I don't remember the story enough to talk about that.
2. Discuss an issue in today's society or your own life that seems paradoxical. Compare the matter to a paradox in one of John Donne's poems.

Life is full of paradoxes, as is Donne's poetry.
!. ' a two page essay' should be written: a two-page essay.
2. Choosing one of the three above topics depends, to a great exrent, on how well you have been studying: Hamlet/Donne/George Herbert, Vaughan, Ben Johnson.

Don't try to start writing on any without being fully aware of it.

Anyhow, I see Hamlet is easy and more general to tackle.
To me, the new version of "Macbeth" would mainly alter the following:
a] that sort of romantic love that is no longer there
b] the metaphysic aspect represented in the appearance of the Kink
c] too much hesitance associated with Hamlet's character
d] that too much ado for Hamlet's mother's adultry

Good luck
Sooo sorry, I took Hamlet for Macbeth. I don't know why.

In 'Macbeth' the too many murders would be substituted with other sorts of plots. And the witches would be substituted with something else.
Dealing with 'Macbeth' don't forget to shed a special light on the follwing quotations (I shall try to remember them) as they are, to me, fundamental:
* "To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus."
* "You are too full of the human milk."
I would do # 2. John Donne has many poems that can compare to issue in today's society. And his poems aren't too hard to decipher. This is just what I would do. I love writing these kinds of papers.

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