9th grade biology help!?

Question:what is the "control group" in an experiment? like what is a control group? and what is an experimental group?

i remember this stuff! and its biology! how ironic! lol. okay, so the control group, is the part of the experiment that isnt changed, while the experimental group is the part that is.
the "control group" is the group that you do not do anything to. If you are checking say, how much more rats run when you give them different energy drinks then the control group would just get water because that is what they typically have. The experimental group would be the group drinking the energy drinks. You must always have a control group so you have something to compare the experimental groups to.

Another example
You want to see how sun light affects plant growth.
The control group would be placed by the window and left there. Here the plant will get sun when it is out.
An experimental group would be put in a dark room at the same temperature as the control. Here the plant will get way less sunlight than usual.
Another experimental group will be placed under artificial sunlight all day and night. Here the plant will get more sunlight than typical.
The control group is the one you don't change or add anything to.

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