A separate Peace help!!?

Question:I need help with my language arts summer homework. ive done most of the homework but i need help with these questions
1. Does Gene understand Phineas. Explain.
2. Who do Leper and Brinker represent symbolically?
3. What is the significance of the titile?

Gene is someone who's always jealous of his BFF. He compares himself with his BFF in each way. Therefore, I can tell that Gene doesnt understand his BFF. Finny always considered Gene as his BFF but Gene never did, until Finny dies.
Leper is someone who's jealous of Gene and Finny's friendship that's why when he wrote a telegram to Gene, he wrote "Your best friend"; this also kinda surprised Finny. Brinker is someone who's trying to identify and he can be a great citizen or a detective structure in the story.

The title's hard to understand; it's just like "To Kill a Mockingbird" You have to read the whole novel and you also have to think about it... I think it's a Separate Peace for both Gene and Finny when the war was going on. Finny couldnt join army because of his leg and Gene never had a dream to join army. Both boys were separate from war and other things at that time!

Hope that helps =)
Me no know what you say?
Try sparknotes it's been to long since I've read the book.

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