5 page essay?

Question:how long should an essay be? I have to write an essay on Albert Einstein and It's 5 pages...? Is that alright?

An essay can be one page or it can be twenty pages - or longer. What governs the length of an essay is the amount of information you have on the subject, and how you organize and present it. Einstein is easily worth five pages.
An essay should be as long as the teacher says it has to be.
Five pages shouldn't be so hard to do...ususally the standard for essays today is 12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1 inch margains.hope this helps and good luck!

And remember.don't plagerize!
i guess five pages is good. Are you in college? Anyways, well double-space and put it in MLA format then it might be longer if you want it longer.
if your teacher didn't give a maximum and you need 5 pages to cover your topic appropriately i think it should be fine

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