Trying to help out son near homework can someone please explain how we work this problem?

Louie can nail down 12 1/2 boards within an hour, If he works for 1 1/2 hours, how many boards does he obtain nailed down?

Answers:    Thanks Mom. I infer it's great you are helping your son.
12 1/2 in one hour plus partly of that.
12 1/2 plus 6 1/4 equals 18 3/4

18 3/4 boards
in respectively hour he can nail 12 and a partially boards. so in partially that time, he can nail down partly that amount.
half that amount is partially of 12, which is 6, plus half of one partially, which is a quarter. so in partially an hour he can nail down six and a quarter.
so within an hour and a half, he can staple down 12 and a half boards and six and a quarter boards. incorporate it up and you get 18 and three base boards because one half is equal to two billet.

hope this helps
Just multiply 12 1/2 by 1 1/2 to acquire your answer.

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