A question ?please?

Question:If you were to be someone else for two days who would you be?Why?How would you spend these two days?

My teacher gave me this assignment to ask everyone's opinion.Please write atleast 2-3 paragraphs or more than that.

I would like to be my teacher, because I can just imagine how much fun it will be to find out how many of her students cheated on this homework assignment by going to EduQnA.com! She can then fail them all and get them kicked out of school for plagiarizing and then only have real students in her class for the rest of the year.
Are you kidding me? 2-3 paragraphs!! I don't think so. We can give you an idea or something but we're not going to write your whole dang paper!

Maybe do it about somebody you admire in your family, or a celebrity that you like, a singer, an actor/actress, a dancer.Think about who and what you like and what you want to be. Then write your own paper!
Well for me, I think i'd rather be my sister. Because she is older and high school seems a lot more fun than 7th grade. I would also go to france next summer if i was her.I would like to tee pee the eiffel tower with her and go to italy for lunch.

Also i would like to be Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus.Because i want to be famous and have my own tv show. Oh yeah and i would like to sing in front of people that would be fun.

So, I guss overall I think i would only like to be myself. I am fun entergetic, and loud. But sometimes i only focus on who i want to be bc of my friends.
I would be my boyfriend.
I've always wondered what it would be like to be him. I would spend the 2 days just living like he does. I'd like to see how it feels to be as strong and smart as him.

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