Are student government elections a good place to launch a national political party that supports research and?

Question:development of nonlethal weapons and nonlethal pregnancy termination technology?

There doesn't seem to be much interest in those ideas in the established national parties. We are expected to choose between those who think it is ok to kill the unborn and those who think it is ok to force unwilling women to carry a child for 9 months. We are also expected to choose between pacifists who would deny us self defense and those who think "collaterol damage" is a legitimate part of national defense.

Could there be a viable party that thinks we have an obligation to protect both the right to life and the right to be defended against violence or unwanted pregnancy?
Could such a party (call it The Nonlethalist Party until a better name is found) get started in student government elections this fall, and be ready to field candidates for local offices and state legislatures by 2008?

I don't know. Maybe just being established as a legitimate political party with members would work. I don't think a political party would have much impact on student government elections. After getting organized, get someone to represent the party to run for a high-scale public office.

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