Are You A Number Or A Free Man?

Question:If not what is your number?

In the scheme of things we are all numbers.
666 but im not a man...i'm a woMAN
I hope that I'm a free woman :-)
Can't I be both? I can't make up my mind...
I am number 2, if I told you who number 1 was.I would have to kill you!
I am number 1 so I will have to silence u all!
This is number 1000550159. I am a free woman. :-p
In these times of "political correctness" (which I think is WAY out of control), it would probably be better to say, "Are You A Number, Or Are You Free?" or something like that because some of your answerer's are not answering your question correctly because their all worried if they are a man or a, if I have understood your question , I would say, that no one with a Social Security number, or in the Military is really a Free Man (as such) as they can always be tracked down or located, (eventually) in this Country call America, but the actual real meaning of the expression, free man (men) according to Webster's New World Dictionary, is 1 a person not in slavery 2 a citizen. A freedman (men) is a man legally freed from slavery. Now, as far as, "If not what is your number?", that's a whole different type of question, not even coming close to what a Free Man really that I say, I'm not about to give out my number('s) to anyone, just for the asking, one could get in a "hellavalot" of trouble that way! Peace...

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