1.what is it called?

Question:ok so im trying to find out what kids of questions these are..

for example a very popular one;

if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? (i already know the answer is yes)

so am just wondering what these are called and maybe a few websites where i can find some of these? 10 points for most websites lol

Wikipedia refers to that phrase as a philosophical riddle.

Pretty deep stuff. It's less about the tree and the sound, but more about the question of reality as we know it.
analogies?? dont knoiw of any websites but i think that is what they are called.
try google
Try this one on bud, How does one get rid of a garbage can?
sounds like philisophical questions. Try these


It's called a philosophical question to make you think, imagine, and question the universe. Here's a good one...Why is there something rather than nothing? Search philosophical questions.
Not sure what they are "called," per se--I don't think that they have a specific name. I'd just call them musings, I suppose. Your example is sort of a classic philosophical problem.

Here's a long list though:
And if you'd like some actual answers, Cecil Adams is great for that:

I hope that I helped! :)

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