Am I the only person who thinks this is wrong?

Question:Today, as I walked into my English classroom, I noticed a rainbow colored sign. Our school is now has a Gay Straight Alliance. Personally, I am offended.

I am going to be starting up an online petition (as well as many petitions in the community). I would like to get a rough idea of how much support I have. How many of you would be willing to help me rid my school of such evil by signing this petition.

Thank you in advance for your posts.

I WOULD!!.schools have become the breading ground for every twisted digusting thought that the libs have and they call it "progressive".give me a break
Open your mind man. They let you live your life, so you should let them live theirs. Who cares if they make a club? That doesnt effect you at all. Live and let live.
Are you kidding? It is not wrong at all. I know my school has a GSA and I think more schools should have them.
alot of schools have this now,,,
you may be able to rid your school of it, but i highly doubt it, but you cannot change the world.
count me out
I am a Christian, but I have friends who live a gay lifestyle. I do not hate anyone.

I do, however, have a problem with it being shoved in my face (which my friends do NOT do). If you put up a "Christian Athiest Alliance" sign or a "Fat Skinny Alliance" sign, people would be offended and the ACLU would demand that you remove the sign and dissolve the alliance.

If we can't offend anyone by living a Christian lifestyle and speaking freely about it, then we shouldn't have to live with their offenses of disregarding our personal beliefs.
If a person wants to express themselves, I think they should. But, bringing a sign is more than an expression--it's a protest. Should schools be a place for protests, at first light maybe. Maybe it's ok. If you want to get rid of this problem, this is what you do to make it go away:

Wear a shirt that and bring a sign with your Friends that read: I'm a Heterosexual, and Proud of It". Or try a T-Shirt that says "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve". Either way, this will show to the staff that this is a matter of protest and that school is not the place for such activity. Before you do this, simply write a letter to the school principle and give them a day to have the signs of protest taken down. Then if school feels they should stay, keep their reply and put up your own signs and T Shirts, You can even write a letter back and thank the principle for defending freedome of speech and how his or her words have made you realize that you were wrong to ask them not to speak their mind.
"evil" hmmmm you need to be a little more compassionate and empathic. or you can be full of righteous indignation, what ever makes you happy, cause its all about you i guess. funny how gay topics brings out the Christians
What school is this, a language school, a high school, a university?

Never heard of "gay straight alliance", means that every sexual tendency is accepted??

What does a school have to do with sex? We go there to learn.

Do whatever you feel you should do, it's allowed to feel offended or shocked and not accepting it.
The only evil here is your bigotry and hateful thought processes.

You have no business judging Gays or Lesbians just because you personally don't like them or their lifeway.

The whole point of a Gay/Straight alliance is to foster understanding, cooperation, and friendships between people of divergent cultures. Your attitude is the very opposite of that, and frankly it's the reason so many busybody "Christians" are becoming so hated and reviled by people of good conscience and fair spirit.

Leave the Gay kids alone if you don't like it. Nobody's forcing you to attend meetings or to join. And, if you really want me to put a fine point on it, don't be surprised if your hateful attitude costs you some friends, Because, I'd bet you $10 and a box of donuts that some of your friends are Gay or Lesbian. And, really, if you pursue this path of hatefulness and intolerance, the only evil will be of your own making, and the loss will be yours!
My school has a Gay and Straight Alliance as well. I see nothing wrong with it. I mean, hey, if that's what people want, go for it. If they're happy, I'm happy. I think what you're doing is wrong. As long as it has nothing to do with me, I'm cool with it. It has no effect on you anyways!
get an education...seriously... judgement with no knowledge is how things like genocide happen... It scares me to think you might actually spread your ignorance . please never procreate...

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