Anyone done an hnc in the uk?

Question:ive got the chance to do an hnc in building studies. anybody know what is involved.
im am rubbish at speaking in front of groups of people and it says that you will be assessed by presentation, anyone done this who could tell me a bit more about it.
and my final qeastion i havent done any study of any kind since i was at school 10 years ago will i struggle with the work.

I did an hnc although not in building studies. i too had been out of education a while so i was really nervous about it.
The class itself had a really good mix of ages in it (from 17 to 40 something) and was a lot more informal than i expected.
We too had to do presentations but they were normally as part of group so you weren't standing up in front of everyone on your own which was really good. You aren't expected to be brilliant at presentations as long as you give it a go and they can see you have done the work for it you will be fine.
Ask at your college about support for mature students as they can help give you advice about getting back into studying habits, etc. It is a big adjustment but will be worthwhile if its something you want to pursue and are really interested in. My course led me on to uni which i had never thought about until a college lecturer mentioned it to me.
Good luck with it
no but i got a uk from hnc.
cost me a fiver.

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