Anyone done an hncin the uk?

Question:ive got the chance to do an hnc in building studies. anybody know what is involved.
im am rubbish at speaking in front of groups of people and it says that you will be assessed by presentation, anyone done this who could tell me a bit more about it.
and my final qeastion i havent done any study of any kind since i was at school 10 years ago will i struggle with the work.

I did hnc art & design a few years ago and i too was a mature student when i started so i had the same concerns as you. Honestly you will do ok. It's all done in modules and your markes as you go along. I also hate doing presentations, in fact it's one of my biggest fears. I won't lie to you, we had to do them but they were very informal and lasted all of 5 minutes or so. Most people in the class felt the same way about presentations so you will not be alone and get lots of encouragement. You only present to your class anyway so you'll cope. When we had to do presentations for marking, we did it in groups of two and the tutor so it was less intimidating. Good luck, you'll love it!

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