Any college students out there..?

Question:just a few weeks back, my cousin from india was in the usa..ever since he went back, he's been after me to come to india..when he found out i have a month and a half off for Christmas and 2 months off for summer, he asked me why i dont come to india..was he joking or was he serious..he later told me that he looks forward to seeing me in december then on the phone he said he hopes to see me in december then he replied to my email which he asked me to send asking if we are planning to visit last trip to india was in december 2003 when i was in 10th i am in my second year of college..should i go..i was told that later in college life you're not going to get a opportunity to go and now is the best time to go..right now i have to figure out what i want to do..can someone help and guide me to the right thing to do..i replied to my cousin's email sending him two pics from our vacation but i didnt answer his question because i dont know what to write..please help me

you may ot get the chance to go again till you're retired or a millionare (which might take a while). make your cousin happy, who knows how long before you get to see him again, right?

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