Are kids that talk more smarter than kids that don't?

Question:Are kids that talk more smarter than kids that don't? Please explain.

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it varies between different people. its mostly an opinion. i don't talk very much and i am in very high classes.
I think that just because I child doesn't talk, doesn't make them "dumb". Just because they won't talk as much doesn't mean they don't listen or observe things.
children who are more conserved are often very intelligent and some are in deep thought about their surroundings and in fact very intelligent but for reasons unknown, ie poor esteem/confidence or fear of being bullied, stay silent. i think all children are intelligent in unique ways.
an example i could give is of a child who attended the setting where i trained. he could not speak, but his understanding and skills reflected a great intellectual understanding - he could match colours and shapes, figures to pictures, characters in a story to soft toys, he could complete complex puzzles and would point to a written number if you held a number of fingers up. he had just started making sounds when he moved to the reception class.
this shows a child does not need to talk to be intelligent.
Well, aside from the mutes, everyone talks eventually.

I'm in the Gifted program, and there are those of us you can't get to shut up no matter what. On the other hand, there are those of us who don't just aren't as chatty.

There are smart people who talk a lot and there are dumb people who talk a lot.

There are smart people who don't say much and there dumb people who don't say much.

How much you talk isn't a reflection of how intelligent you are.

However, in my experience at least, the kids who sit at the front of the class and seem to have this incurable need to answer every question tend to make the dumb people around them think that the question-answerer is smart, when in reality they're quite stupid. They just like to memorize the book and pretend they're smart.
First of one is "more smarter."

Anyway, sometimes not speaking is a sign of intelligence. Sometimes it is a sign of being delayed.

Take the kid to a doctor.
No. The quiet ones think more and develop the ability to figure things out and understand the how and the why. The noisy ones are too busy talking to absorb all the information they're given. They may ask more questions and get more answers but they don't develop the ability to figure things out for themselves.
No because my daughter is quiet she is smart.She does not say much in class but she listens and takes in things.Just because kids are smart does not mean that they are smart, they just like to talk a lot.I agree with the abovea answer from me.

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