!School supplies Help! 7th grade?

Question:What should I bring to school?!! My school webpage doesn't tell us and my school is sorda poor so i know they wont send me a schools supplies list. And, my school is all work no play so the teachers will want all we need by the first day :(...So yeah im in 7th grade and i need to know what i should bring to school cuz its like... in a week or 2..omg dont that suck...lol

They must be poor...can they afford spelling words?

Go to wallmart...there's tons of "back to school" stuff in the aisle.

sorda = sort of
dont that suck = doesn't that suck
cuz = because

Write like a big girl because you are one.
you need a back pack pencils pens note books and leaf paper folders depending on how many classes your 7th grade has i would make sure say if you have 4 classes then you need 4 note books and folders and a big pack of that loose leaf paper

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