Any words of wisdom? I'm getting my A level results tomorrow morning!?

Question:It makes my physically sick just thinking about what the future may hold. These results will most probably dictate the way my life turns out...


There's just too much pressure nowadays to academically perform, especially A levels which are ridiculous hike from GCSE's and are more intense than the average degree.

I know of someone that committed suicide!
I would never dream of such a thing, but life is certainly a rollercoaster...

the future is a great adventure - you dictate the way your life goes not your a level results - they just give you a clue about what you're good at and get you into uni of choice if that is your choice '

you're way too young to feel such pressure get out and enjoy the rest of your holiday .
you're right life is a roller coaster - ups and downs - a bit scary - but it's great .

well done for getting through your a levels that is an achievement in itself - whatever the results you are a smart kid for getting as far as a level therein lies your potential- good luck and be happy
gud luck hope you get what you need
I'm getting my AS's, obviously not so much of a big deal but like you say it was a big step from GCSE! Good luck with yours! :-)
I get my A levels tomorrow too
Good luck :)
If you think A levels are stressful wait til you get to the third year of your degree! But good luck and whatever happens just don't panic. There are always things you can do, even if the worst happens. I got rubbish A levels and start my PhD in a few weeks. Just keep going and you'll get there eventualy :-)
Oh god!

Mine were far worse than I expected. It felt like theend of the world at the time. Ridiculous! Yet I survived and they proved irrelevant in the long run. Yeah, and much harder than a degree.

You dictate the way your life turns out, not a series of letters. Don't sweat it. Come back on and say how you did. And don't top yourself.
Twenty Years ago, they dominated my life. Now I can barely recall my grades.

I think Kipling had a point;

If you can meet with Triumph or Disaster
and treat those two impostors both the same...
no words of wisom. but definatly good luck!! xx
good luck .. you can only do your best and i am sure you gave it your all
Listen to Baz Luhrman. he's got some words of wisdom in Everybody's Free. Enjoy :-)
Good luck!.
Hope you get what you want but if you don't, no one will think any less of you.
Many hugs and reassurances
As long as you have done your best do not
Sometimes things don't turn out the way we want them to but that is another test to overcome.
Now, have a good nights sleep, and I wish you all the very best for tomorrow's results.
Let us know how you got on, I am interested.
My sister is getting them tomos i got them last year but good luck they arn't everything you could always go to collage and get a course go from their and still do what you wanted at uni its never the end and i agree my sis had a nervous break down i know people who took drugs tried to kill them selves also had nervous break downs (one of them is now like a zombie she'll be like that for the rest of her life shes only 18!) So yea remember to chill out take a break sure exams are important but try your best and work around it if they arn't what you wanted plus you could always try getting into lincoln uni we have low entrance grades cos we'r new hehe oh yea and theres clearing too!
In a couple of hours you can log onto UCAS to see if you get into your chosen university.
try to keep calm -you studied hard your results should be good.
this time tomorrow you will be busy on the net looking at universities
good luck
aww bless. i'm getting my a level results tomora aswel. i am so crappin my kex ! i cant sleep. oh good luck hun x
Just want to say good luck for tomorrow. I always say as long as you know you've tried your best even if you don't get the results you want it really isn't the end of the world. It's nothing that can't be put right in the future if you want, you're still young. I agree there is too much pressure on kids these days, my son is waiting for his GCSE's next week but there's no point pressuring your kids it's bad enough for them anyway in the outside world. My eldest son worried about passing his degree but it turned out fine as I'm sure it will for you. Try not to worry, what will be will be and whatever happens if you really want to achieve something in life you will, whether it be now or later on. Whatever happens just remember how hard you've worked and how far you've come to get to this point and be really proud of yourself. I'm sure you'll do well and really hope you do, be thinking of you, good luck!
Results are a piece of piss - it's the exams that are hard... and you got through THEM!

Whatever your results turn out to be you can still achieve all you want to in life - if you didn't get the results you hoped for you can repeat and resit - it'll be easier next time cos you'll know what to expect... just trying to offer support in case you didn't get what you hoped for - but I'm sure you did!

Even if you didn't...

"Look at it this way: in a hundred years, who's gonna care?"

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