Anyone heard of or attended Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN?

Question:It is a college under the authority of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN (the largest Baptist church in the world).

If you attended, what are your thoughts?

I will be a returning student at Hyles Anderson College in the fall. I loved it last year. I was only able to attend a couple of classes but I did live in the dorms. The school is great! The chapel sermons are inspiring, helpful, convicting, and character building. The teachers are dedicated to giving great and God honoring material on thier subjects. The Bible classes are amazing and the academic classes are beyond par. I sincerely look forward to attending full time in a week and a half! Last year changed my life!
If I may, I wish to address some of the things I've seen posted in other questions. Unacredidation does not necessarily mean unapreciation. Before attending HAC ask yourself some serious questions. Are you called to the ministry? Do you wish to have a renewed zeal for soul-winning? Do you do well under pressure? Do you prefer old fashioned standards and structure? Do you plan on serving in a church that doens't think poorly of the First Baptist Church of Hammond or it's pastor? If you answered yes to most of these questions HAC might be just what God would have for you. However, if you answered no to more than one of these questions I would consider another college. If you want to go into business then you DO want an accredited school. If you plan on serving in a church that thinks poorly of HAC, FBC Hammond, Jack Schaap, or Jack Hyles, then you may want to find a school more closely associated with the pastor or church with whome God would have you serve. If you are not a baptist... don't waist your time. This school will teach you how to reach real people in real life situations right from where they are at, and help them practicaly. The ministry opportunities are pheonominal. I mean to say by that, you may serve in a bus ministry reaching the lost and hurting young people of the city of Chicago whos parents can't get them to church and many of whom come from broken families; you may serve in the fisherman's club for men or the phoster club for ladies (these are for the agressive soul winner); or you may serve in the Sailor Ministry which allows you to miniser to young men serving in the Navy who may be thousands of miles away from home stationed in the Great Lakes Naval Base; or you may choose to serve in the Inner City Chapel Ministry, which is a ministry building inner city churches for those in the 'forgotten' areas (this ministry which I believe to be one of a kind is a great avenue to help you reach families and truely deciple them in a small-church environment). Yes, the field training at Hyles Anderson College is truely irreplaceable, and if I may say so without sounding too arogant, I believe uncomparable. God certainly led me to the right place.
There are also plenty of activities to help students keep a balanced life. Great opportunities for dating and married couples to enjoy themselves are sponcered by the activities department. These activities include a rodeo at the beginning of the year, several intra-mural sports, a fall activity called harvest days with such events as hay rides, a winter lights activity in the beautifuly decorated downtown Chicago and Navy Pier (this activity makes for a PHEONOMINALY romantic date), a Valentines Day banquet with a funny skit and banquet dining, and each ministry holds it's own rallies (typicaly in the spring and fall).
HAC is a well rounded, old fashioned, sin hating, soul winning, hell fire fighting, fundamental, KJV believing BAPTIST bible college that will prepair you with the SKILLS and TRAINING needed to best serve the Lord as well as prepair you to meet the needs of others and truly learn how to love people. It is not the school for equitable reputation. It is not the school to impress everyone. It is not the school for the reform student. It is not the school for the one who simply wants a college education in a Christian environment. HAC is for those who have a zeal to impact the world with the gospel of Christ and the truth of the Bible. HAC is for those looking for structure and dicipline in thier training for the ministry or for ministry related work. HAC is for the one who wants to truly walk with God and serve Him with his life. Is HAC for you?

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