AP physics or AP biology?

Question:which one to take??
this is a tough decision.
please help me.

I would reccomend AP Bio. I'm goning to be a freshman in college next year, and Bio is a prerequisite for everything, while physics is only needed for certain majors.

My school had a very weak AP program to start with, and I knew taking AP Bio would be worth my time, while AP Physics wasn't.

In the end, think about what your prospective major will require!
i'm taking both.

yeah, i may want to kill myself by the end of the year, but i had one more spot in my schedule lol.

depends...if you want to go into a medical field when youre older, you might want to go into biology. if you want to go into engineering or something, go with physics.
From experience with both, AP physics is much easier. AP biology was harder, but regardless, I wanted to shoot myself in both.

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