Are all university kids stupid?

Question:Well its quite obvious that getting exam results nowadays is quite easier to obtain.
You get A+ for just about everything.
Speaking about everything, there was a time when we worked really hard to get good results in our exams and not to mention the fact that modern kids have now a vast amount of more subjects to pick from.
The exams that they take are not really that hard ..I looked once at a test paper on maths , well most of the questions I could do menally.without the need for pocket calculators.
And I done my own survey on the subjects picked..low and behold the top marks came to media studies..with very few going if for physics..astronomy..or most of the sciences.
have we as a culture lost our ability.
Look away back in time to you see some great people like einstein,,da vinci,,newton,,etc.
where has that ability to create gone or is it lost..forever..

I'm beginning to think they are!...why do they need all this crap anyway?..We sure didn't have it!...we did it the right way and if there were errors?...We had to fix them and take a lower grade! have it made because their poor parents feel like the world is picking on their kids!...True...and the Taks I asked about?...I know I could pass that sucker and I am in my 40's!.lol
No, but you are.
Ask your English teachers. "What is the problem with kids and learning?" They obviously failed in getting their grammar and spelling lessons across to you.
You seem highly edjumacated!
yes they are all stupid...
League tables and targets, man. If it wasn't for those then schools wouldn't be pushing the easy subjects to look good on paper.

The kids aren't stupid, they've just been conditioned by the system - it's not their fault that the exams are geared towards helping you pass, as opposed to actually testing a whole three or four year's worth of study.
no times are changing and you should to im gbuessing ur from "back in the day" where life was much harder well university education was free then and now people are forced 2 pay 4 higher education which has not changed, the reason ur able 2 do the sums in ur head is becaue u were probabley at school before calculators were invented stop putting down the generation that will be paying for your retirment.
Actually, some people work really hard to get their GCSE and A level results, and it's quite depressing for them to be told that it's due to 'lowering standards'. Many teachers will say that people have to work harder now at school than they did in the past.
No. In fact all kinds in the universities have great minds. The university is like an ocean. All the dirt and the clean things are there. And most universities are a mixture of clean and dirt.And if clean and dirt mixed, the result is still dirt. It is sad that universities have no clear values, because they leave the searching of values to their faculty and students. So, when you enter a university, you must carry with you a value that is meaningful to you. You'll have to stand by your value until you graduate. Otherwise, you will be caught up in the dirt and you, your parents and the persons near you now will not recognize you for what you are. Be different because you will not be staying forever in that university.
There are seven different types of intelligence. Linguistic, Logical mathematical,Bodily kinesthectic, Spatial, Musical Interpersonal and intrapersonal.
People who may not excel in physics might be excellent at public relations. People who are fantastic mathematicians may not be able to form relationships with other people.
What im getting at is today there are more subjects for people to do and this embraces these differences between people. It makes people feel good about themselves. Isnt it better to encourage a child's ability to form relationships with others rather than have it feeling bad about itself when all the praise is placed upon the child who excels at maths?
To brand all university kids 'stupid' is a poor reflection on your own intelligence as it is common knowledge that you cant generalise a large section of society by a few exam papers and results.
Do a bit more research in future before asking a question like that again.
I think you're just seeing a cultural turn. Many are turning away from natural or physical sciences and in turn are leaning toward more creative, more abstract jobs such as media studies, psychology, etc. I don't think that is any determination of intelligence or not. With media saturating or culture more and more and more people claiming they suffer from mental disorders, I think more are going for fields that allow a serious examination of our culture.

I don't think you necessarily get an A+ in university classes just for trying. Admittedly, there are classes that are easier than others and people will take them to boost their GPA, but once you get into classes for you major, as I have experienced at least, they require you to know the material or fail. There's no easy A's.

I will agree that core classes have gotten easier. Lower level maths especially because these are classes most have to take to satisfy university requirements. Therefore, our math skills have declined.
I was surprised at the exam results. There is something fishy going on. On the one hand we're led to believe we've got wonderfully intelligent young people and on the other hand we've got a skills shortage in the work place, not enough people in technologies, medicine, finance, engineering to take up the jobs. We have been recruiting abroad for professionals for years. Going on this web site you can see the level of intelligence and mentality does not reflect a highly intelligent youth population which you should have considering the exam results. There is something very out of kilter. I suspect it's something to do with government quotas forcing curriculum and standards on the teachers just like in th NHS.
Maybe it's not that exams are getting easier, but that we're getting a better education? Contrary to what you think, us kids DO try hard at school. Ok, test papers may not be too hard, but have you ever looked at the coursework we have to do? The maths papers may look simple, but YOU have obviously never tried to do statistics coursework.

Stop trying to convince us that things were better 'back in the day', because you haven't experienced modern day education so you can't possibly compare the two.
Teaching has improved and there are a greater variety of resources. Students can go in to further depth on their subjects without the need for a teacher. That said, I feel the days of university alumni being the elite intelligentsia are gone, and notions of everyone having a right to be there have come in; with softer subjects (media studies, psychology) been brought in to accommodate. Equating subjects such as a media studies with the sciences, maths and English is wrong.

You name those greats but only one came from England. And at what rate are they trickling through. Many of these people only came to be recognised posthumously. Young, middle-class English people see no need for further innovation because they've already got it good.
I'm told I can't get higher than a C in my gsces since I am doing the foundation paper.

And thats me working hard.
I recently completed a degree at university and it was far from easy. I began college education in 2003 by signing up for two courses, GCSE English and English Literature, I found them to be quite difficult, but I still passed both. The following year I did a Maths GCSE on the Access course, this was quite easy, but it was designed for those who only wanted to attain a grade C (Foundation level). In general Maths GCSE uses more than one paper, these vary in difficulty, dependent on whether they are designed to test a students basic mathematical ability (simple percentages, fractions and decimals) or the higher range work such as trigonometry. I have also worked in schools and I have seen the workload of the average GCSE student and I have also seen how pressure these kids are put under, it is far more than the pressure that was put on students in the 1980s.
What qualifies me to make this statement? Well I returned to study in 2003 aged 33, I have experienced school and college life in both the 1980s and 'noughties,' believe me it was far easier in the 1980s.
Do you read the daily mail by any chance?

Exams aren't getting easier kids are just choosing subjects they can actually get a decent grade in thanks to that "vast amount of more subjects". Coupled with the fact that University is more accessible now those achieving good grades get the chance to go.

And besides Oxford & Cambridge are still open aren't they? Their value has not been down-graded so in effect no, not ALL university kids are stupid.

Just the ones taking circus studies at the University of Down-The-Road. (or adults too bitter to accecpt children are quite bright)
i'm not saying anyone's stupid or anything, but i know there's been lowering in the standard. it's all politics, ppl. Min. of Ed. will announce they have increasing no. of passing students, but who knows the quality behind that quantity. i'm just saying that the system has stop challenging the young minds to achieve higher when they're given As for C-rated questions in exams. but i believe there's a lot more great students out there who survived the system nowadays.

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