A Separate Peace?

Question:i have to write a paper for my honors english class next year..a 2 page essay making a comparison between the mock trial of Gene in the novel and the Initiation rites of Millicent in Sylvia Plath's "Initiation," which is a related reading to the novel A Separate Peace. The emphasis of the essay has to be peer pressure..I don't understand how those two topics in the two storied can be compared in that way.it is very confusing especially since the book was confusing..please help, i start school september 5th and I really need to get it done pretty soon because I also have other things to do before school

I'd love to help...but I only read the first 3 chapters.
I say spark note that bih!
this book is BORING
I read that book my sophmore year.

Gene was accused of pushing what's-his-name of the tree limb. he didn't do it, but his peirs thought he did because what's-his-name was very balanced and was a good athelete. His peirs tried to pressure him into admitting he pushed what's-his-name of the limb.
Slyvia's initiation was to jump of the tree limb into the water. She was scared but the others pressured her into doing it.

I don't know what else to say except give examples of how peir pressure affected both of their lives. Slyvia felt good after facing her fears and jumping. But Gene felt guilty after what's-his-name died from marrow poisining from his broken leg.

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