Anyone had any experience with NVQ's?

Question:Im an NVQ Asessor and would like to know if anyone has had any experiences with them. If you've done an NVQ, know someone or has or even teach/asses NVQ's. What do you think of them??

Worked many summers for a training company where other tutors supervise NVQs for the unemployed.To my experience there are a lot of dedicated people putting in the teaching and supervision, a lot of accreditation time being done there but I don't see that they are changing anything particularly. Coping with the levels of literacy that are shown by people doing them seems a massive problem that is much neglected.
I have Level 1 and 2 in Retail, no help in getting you a Job.
I have done two nvq's a level 2 in retail and a level 3 in customer services they were relitavely easy to sit but i don't think they have helped me much whilst searching for a job
i done an nvq level 3 in accounting an it was an absolute wase of time and money, hasn't helped me at all. sorry if thats not the answer you were looking for.
i have an nvq in animal care.

i hate diary sheets! they are so boring. practicals are the best thing to do as they involve doing what you want to do hands on. in my case it was cleaning feeding and handling animals.
overall nvq's are good as they do give you alot of experiance in the field you are studying.
I did a NVQ level 2 in health and social care whilst working at a nursing home. My assessor was a guy who had a degree in physiotherapy but due to a shortage of jobs within that field had got a job as a NVQ assessor. He was extremely friendly, supportive and knowledgeable, especially when it came to moving and handling. I completed my NVQ two years ago, which looked better on my application and helped me get a place at uni studying nursing.
I have got 3 - Level 2 AND 3 in Business Adminstration, and Level 3 in Customer Services (this one while working full time).

I enjoyed them and they are really useful when applying for jobs - employers can actually see/know what you are capable off. I am trying to find a college that offers Levels 4 and 5 in both Business Administration and Customer Services.
I fear I haven't!

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