6th Grade new school?

Question:I was home schooled last year, I went to Osage City K-4th I can make friends easily but I nervous. Just tell me something!

im going to a new 6th grade too its a private i have to wear a uniform. Just buy some cute clothes to make a good first impression. And don't worry be yourself and you will make friends. Gl! :)
I would suggest buying school clothes from Hollister, american eagle and abercrombie. Making lots of friends and being nice.
well i am going in to 6th grade to and i am starting a new school it wont be a problum even if you were homeschooled it will be more fun then being homeschooled
It will suck,don't worry about that! LOL! Just kidding. It will be a new experience, maybe you will love school and be in there extra clubs(library aid, student council, plant earth, etc.) Or maybe you can't wait to go home to tell your mom about the day! Just be calm, your self, and properly introduce your self to kids in your class! Have a fun School year!
I can understand why you'd be nervous. It's kind of scary, isn't it? But at least you are good at making friends, so join a club or two, invite someone over to do homework together, and start building a circle of friends. In three or four weeks, it'll all feel totally normal. Good luck!

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