Are you able to go to a university after a cominuty school?

Question:are you still able to go to a university college if you go to a comunity school instead of a highschool?? becouse i might hve to go to a comunity school to make up credits and get a diploma there. but i still wanna go to a university. and how long does comunity school take?

Sure, but you may have to settle for a state school, and you may have to wait in the back of the line of applicants. I would recommend going to technical school though. University is a waste of money unless you know you want to be a doctor, or in big business.
Yes you can. It's actually a cheaper way to get your G.E done. I went that route and then transferred out to a University. My sister did the same thing and she transferred out to UCLA.

Going to community college doesn't mean you are not smart. University system is expensive. Why pay more for the same courses for first two years. They are the same classes.

You would like community college. Make sure you give your self a time line. Make an appointment with college counselor. He/she would give you list of Universities you would like to transferred out too. Then you can make your schedule accordingly. It shouldn't take you more than 2 or three years.

Good luck

Also do not forget to apply for Financial money.
If you can't learn to spell, forget about that university.

Seriously, if a university doubts the credibility of a community school's curriculum, they will test you to see your true capabilities. I was a high school dropout and now have a Bachelor's Degree. My university simply tested me before letting me in.

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