Advice for new Freshman in highschool??

Question:OKay, so this year im going into highschool and going to be a freshman and im sooo nervous!! advice please!!

Hey, I'm gonna be a freshman, too. I've been looking in a lot of places for advice and i think the best thing i found was the Insiders Guide to High School. ( It's got lots of articles about everything you could possibly be nervous about.
Be nice to matter how dorky. And don't give people a reason to gossip about you.
well do your best in your freshman year because it really counts,um make friends,do your homework,high school will be a pain in the *** but you'll enjoy it and you will have lots of memories when your finished !!
im gonna be a freshman too
everyone in hs says to have A LOT OF SCHOOL SPIRIT!
at my hs the people are very spirited! they go to the football games and wear school colors on spirit days :]
alsooooo don't wear an opposing schools colors for the first week of hs becas ethey will probably hate you for the rest of the year and you will be made fun of :/
be nice to the upper classmen and stay out of the parking lot during lunch if you have a free campus lol!
9th grade is the hardest cuz it shows all the upper classmen who u really r, u have to make a good impression, the worst thing to do is cry in front of them if u do that you'll be a loser but like stand up to people and be noticed, like different but cool u kno
When I was a feshman (senior now) I just acted like myself. Don't act like something you arn't. During the years I started acting like some I wasn't, but it just goes down hill. Don't give into the peer pressure. Be yourself and have fun, and don't forget to do all your homework ^_^

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