AP Calculus BC?

Question:What should I expect in Calculus all together?

Would it be hard to take AP Calculus BC without taking AB?

Calculus BC is similar to Calculus AB, but it's faster paced and it covers a few more topics. You should take BC if you want to put in the extra work, if you want an easier class take AB. But, nobody takes AB, then BC the year after because they cover a lot of the same stuff
Since you are taking AP, I assume you are in high school. Calculus is different from every other math. You should expect to learn things such as differentiation, integration, and vectors.

I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about with "BC" and "AB," but I assume you mean that you are thinking about taking the second course without taking the first. It would be extremely hard to do this because Calculus builds on itself.

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