About American phone books (directories? Not sure what you call them over there?)?

Question:In America, what information is shown about a person in a phone book?Name, address, phone number, etc...are cell phone numbers included at all?


Name phone number and physical address (mailing address can be a po box # if you live outside the cities like I do, so we do not get mail delivered to our homes) are shown.
No directory of cell numbers exists at this time. Just like the uk there are directory enquiry numbers you can use to find a number as long as they are not "unlisted" (x directory).
I hope this helps.
Name, address, home phone, even mulitple lines in the household, but cell phones are not listed. There are businesses and coupons and some restaurants even list their menu's and hrs and whether or not they deliver.
call them phone books

depending no the book, it is usually set up where its a person's address-name and telephone number-no cell phone numbers

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