6th grade,smart,new school..2 questions?

Question:I started school today.Its a new school and my whole family goes to the same one.I'm a really smart kid,but I'm afraid I'm gonna get bullied or picked o if I show my smartness...now I'm not saying I want to act stupid...but I just don't want to get bullied all the time,I want to enjoy school.
What can I do?

Okay and my second question is if I'm taking all 7th grade classes but one is that good or a 6th grader?

Well Congratulations you survived your first day! Don't worry about what people think if your too smart just be yourself!! People will probably pick on you at some point in your life for some reason or another. If you are very smart (taking all 7th grade classes and your only in 6th grade wow I am impressed!) way to go! If your not being challenged enough in regular classes they have advanced classes (English math, science, etc.) that would probably challenge your superior brain better. Try out for chess club or something like that! As for dealing with the persons who will pick on you just Remember "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words never will!!" They are just that words! More than likely these people they are jealous of what you have/know/do/ etc. This doesn't change in Adulthood either! A smart person like you might be the next Bill Gates or these mean people's boss someday! Also Remember what goes around comes around full circle ten fold! Think "Golden Rule" how would you want to be treated? then do the same to others. I hope this all helps! good luck and stay in school till graduation from high school at the very least!!! Most Company's will Not hire a high school dropout they don't take a GED! Get the Real thing a High School Diploma& take pride in your smart brain see you at the Top! P.S. Do Not Frame any Diploma with out making copies first!!!!!! ;)
Extracurricular activities such as ASB and sports could definitely help boost your self-confidence.
Let's face it-- many of them will most likely be on the popular end of the totem pole. It's a great way to interact with people that aren't in your regular classes.

hope this helps.
if your taking 7th grade classes and are only in 6th grade that is awesome.that one class you just have to work harder.alot of people have that one subject that is a little difficult for them but all you need to do is put your mind to it and focus.focusing is the key to getting great grades..

about the bulling thing..just be yourself...if you have a great sense of humor then people shouldn't pick on you.bullies tend to pick on people that won't stick up for them selves or that they feel offended by (not that others did anything to offended them) they feel intimidated by the skills others have and instead of asking for help with it they tend to let their "pride and emotions" get to them.if someone starts to bully you it's usually a cry for attention or help that they know you can give them that others can't try to become friends with them and show them that you will stick up for yourself ( and i don't mean fighting) let them know that you have done nothing wrong for them to treat you they way they have been and ask them if they want to be friends instead..if this does not help and it worsens then talk to authority.hope you have a great time in school

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