AP highschool English... help on summer reading?

Question:I am in the process of reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I am also going to listen to the audio book when I am finished reading it. I am writing notes on it so i can study it without having to read it for a third time. BUT. Im new at AP (advanced placement) classes and never had a summer reading assignment. I would like to get some printable worksheets on it so i know I am studying the right things and just to freshen my memory before the class starts. The class is in august. I e-mailed my teacher and she said the reason it is summer reading is to see if I can comprehend a book on my own. Which i can. But this book is.. well.. i don't like it.. and im having trouble getting into it and retaining the knowledge. so if ANYONE has any link or anything for me to find some free printable worksheets on the fountainhead. i would GREATLY appreciate it!!


or just sparknotes.com
I really don't know where you can get worksheets for the book but maybe you can go to sparknotes to take a quiz and see if you actually understood it. Here's the link:

You said you didn't want SparkNotes but I have found them to be very helpful when I have to read books I don't really like. I recommend reading the book, as you have planned, and then using SparkNotes to help you. I don't know if you know what they are actually for as most students use them in place of reading, which doesn't help. But, when you read over the SparkNotes along with the book, it will help you retain information. I say give the SparkNotes a try.

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