Am I picking the right major?

Question:kay i know what i wanna do...but i keep doubting myself and i guess thats normal. The thing is im 17 n im a freshman at FSU when i got there i changed my major from Int'l business to creative writing n im sure i did the right thing..but the only thing that concerns me is that i have no trophies in writing n never in my life did i think that i would do this, the whole creative writing thing was all instinctive! should i continue to follow my instincts with basically nothing to back it up with? I have asked my closest friends what they thought i'd be good at n i usually get a confused look or a reflective "i dont know" the only thing they tell me is that i can BS really really really well ( I got through most high school through BS n my friend calls me the master of BS)...but thats no help. my siblings say ill be good at it but they are 8 and 11, so what do i do? go through with this or choose a more stable career like business ( which my mother says i should do)

Don't freak out yet. You're only a freshman. It's very likely that you'll be unsure, but chill out and take this first year to see what you do like, then decide later on.
You should give all that up and be a welder. The fusion of metal is so invigerating. Not to mention I make almost $100,000 a year. Not bad for a construction worker.
first, disregard the idea that your major determines your future. if only i really knew that in school. figure out how you want to live, how much $ you want, then pick a major that supports that.
It's normal for your major to change around a bit before you actually find something you know you'd enjoy. I changed my major 4 or 5 times before I finally decided on Cinema Studies my junior year. And it might even change again... it's better to have so many choices than to have none at all. And who says you can't go back and major in something else later?
Maybe you should consider a major in communications instead. I'm really good at BSing and writing and things like that, and I like to do it, so I probably should have majored in that instead of taking a major I care nothing about. You can still take writing classes, but there are other topics involved, and a lot of interesting jobs associated with that major.

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