Any tips for a law school freshman?


Avoid distractions.

Do NOT trust friends who want your notes or who are in study groups. They will give you misinformation so you will have a lower grade. ALWAYS do your own work.

Read every night.whatever is assigned.

READ THE FOOTNOTES in the cases.

Take a legal writing class if available.

Remember that you are not only learning the law, you are learning a new thought process.

Learn to ask more questions than you answer.

These are just some ideas. My first year at Pepperdine was a nightmare. But I finished in the top ten. Law School is like nothing you have ever experienced. You will be challenged like you have never been challenged before. Dont let your classmates or outside influences change your determination. It's great to have input from others, but the bottom line is that only YOU can figure out first year. And you know what, when you do, it's one of the most amazing feelings you will ever have. I can tell you the exact moment the light went on. When I figured it out. When I became a lawyer.

Law school is not about studying for tests. It's about learning how to think like a lawyer. I know that's an old movie thing, but it really isnt. It's real.

Good luck. Where are you going?

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