Any gooid ideas for a speech i have to give for getting the class leader post?

Sure! I was just elected Chaplain : ) and had to give a speech. : (
- tell them your ideas that you would try to put in place
- more lunch time etc.
- sugestion box for people to put their ideas in
- make sure they know that you will always be there to listen to their ideas
Also some speech giving tips: don't be corny and just relax pretend you are just talking to one on your friends. DOn't shake, that says your nurvous, so eat a good breakfast take a deep breath and go for it.
I may not know a good speech, but this will win them over very well in the beginning. Tell everyone to stand up, once everyone does tell them to now stand on one foot, or touch their toes, rub their heads and pat their bellies, etc... Point being instruct them to do what every you want. Then when everyone looks at you for the point of doing all this simply say, "You can all sit down now, I was just checking to see how much power I had." It sounds stupid, but doing this helped me get through a tough presentation, and really brought the audience to life. Do this and they will definitely pay attention for the next minute and keeping their attention is up to you.
How about "one of the qualities of a leader is the ability to think on his feet and not ask others to do his leadership duties for him"
How about a talk on what make your school unique? Or perhaps you could see if your school has a mission statement and give a speech about how well the school does in living up to its mission.

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