Any suggestions for a philosophy senior project?

Question:I have to declare what my "graduation project" is going to be tommorrow and I can't think of a topic or physical product. I know I want to do something dealing with philosophy. We have to write an 8-10 page paper, which obviously won't be a problem with philosophy; however, We also have to have a physical product to go along with it. This must:

-be student generated and should be based on the research paper.
-provide tangible evidence that reflects the “academic learning stretch” experienced by the student.
-be oriented around the performance of a skill, the production of a product, or the study of a profession
-i must also spend at least 15 hours outside of school doing it (I can use job shadowing for 3 of these.)

If anyone has ideas for a philosophy related 'physical product' I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you know of any books that would help me out on the paper or product that would be fantastic.

Albert Camus (the author) and existentialism (the philosophy)/

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